Stanley Odd Jobs No. 1

There are lots of cool and unusual hand tools made for specific purposes. One of my favorites is the Stanley Odd Jobs No. 1.

Stanley made this tool between 1888 and the 1930’s. It was designed to perform a variety of functions, while fitting conveniently into ones apron pocket. I found an old one at a garage sale a while back. It was painted green and had a metal replacement rule instead of the original wooden one. I was intrigued and decided to do some research on it.


Here’s a better photo of one without the green paint. It’s an odd looking device and can be used by itself or combined with a ruler that was normally included with it. This one was complete with box and ruler.



Below are some of the common uses for the Odd Jobs No. 1. Click on the image for a larger readable version.


I liked the Odd Jobs No. 1 so much that I eventually got a nicely-made reproduction and functional ruler for my own woodworking and carpentry projects. This one was done in precision-machined brass and looks and works great. I got the “Standard” size with a 12″ ruler. Note that all of the rulers have brass-bound edges for greater durability.


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