Vaco Chisels

I have seen “VACO” stamped on many Jernbolaget chisels with yellow plastic handles. I have not seen this stamp on any other brand of chisel so far, so it appears to be specific to Jernbolaget.

He is a nice, minty Jernbolaget with “VACO” stamped on it’s yellow plastic handle.

Vaco Jern Chisel 600px a1


Now a close up. The stamp on the handle reads “VACO  S/B SC-150 1 1/2″. The 1 1/2 refers to the chisels width — 1-1/2”. I don’t know what the “S/B SC-150” refers to, but it appears on every VACO handle I’ve seen.

Vaco Jern Chisel 600px a4


The back of the plastic handle is unmarked, but a standard Jernbolaget imprint appears on the back of the blade.

Vaco Jern Chisel 600px a2


Here’s a close look at the Jernbolaget blade stamp.

Vaco Jern Chisel 600px a3


I sharpened and examined a complete set of “Vaco” chisels a while ago. They were typical, good-quality Jerbolaget chisels with great steel.

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  1. Kevin Day says:

    I have a set of these from my grandfather, any info would be greatly appreciated,thanks,

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