Janport Chisels

Janport chisels were made in Eskilstuna, Sweden according to the blade stamps that I’ve seen. They show up most often in the USA and it appears that this brand was made for export to the U.S. marketplace.

I have not seen any Janport socket chisels so far, only tanged ones. Their handles are normally made out of beech, not birch. The brass ferrule at the bottom of the handle typically has coarse vertical knurling on it.

Below are two examples of chisels with different decals and blade stamps. The top chisels is a long beveled-edge cabinet-style chisel and the one below is a beveled-edge butt-style chisel.

Janport Pair Decals 11

Both chisels carry the distinctive Janport-style  decal consisting of a tall red rectangular box with beveled top right and bottom left corners and an “I” in the top left and bottom right corners.  These two chisels differ in that the diagonal banner on the background rectangle reads “SWEDEN” on the top chisels and “JANPORT ” on the bottom one. Chisels with “SWEDEN” on the decal seem to be more common than ones with “JANPORT” printed on them. The two rows of coarse vertical knurling is evident on both ferrules.

Janport Pair Decals 14

Here’s a back view. Both chisels are well made and nicely finished.

Janport Pair Decals 12

The blade stamps differ. The top chisel has the common generic “MADE IN SWEDEN” stamp on it. The bottom one has the traditional Janport trademark with “JANPORT” and “SWEDEN” printed on the diagonal.

Janport Pair Decals 13

Here is a variation on the Janport decals above. Black is used for the two “I” letters and the diagonal banner, instead of gold.

Janport Variations 13

Here’s a variation on the Jarnport trademark on the blade stamp, with “ESKILSTUNA” replacing “JANPORT” above “SWEDEN”.

Janport Variations 12

Here’s another variation on the Jarnport trademark stamp on the blade with just “SWEDEN” on it.

Janport Variations 11

Below is a chisel with a plastic handle and a Janport blade.

Janport Plastic 11

Janport Plastic 12

This particular blade identifies itself as having been made in “Esklistuna”, Sweden. As my friend Kim Malmberg astutely pointed, the name is misspelled. It should be “Eskilstuna”.

Janport Plastic 13

The front of the blade is stamped “BLADE MADE IN SWEDEN, suggesting that this blade was made in Eskilstuna and that the handle was added later, perhaps in the importing country. The blade stamp suggests an English speaking import country and this particular chisel was seen in the USA.

Janport Plastic 14


3 comments on “Janport Chisels
  1. Randall Nelson says:

    The plastic handle design for the last chisel in the article looks very similar to Swedish Rugol brand chisels I have seen, in shape and coloring.

    • Birch says:

      The plastic-handled Janport and plastic-handled Rugol chisels do look very similar.

      I recently saw a Rugol metal bench plane on eBay and was thinking that it might be worthwhile learning more about that company.

  2. Bob P. says:

    I recently purchased a set of 8 Janport socket chisels,similar to Berg sockets.
    the blades are stamped with a similar rectangular logo with clipped corners as you show in your article.
    will try to send pictures if I can figure out how to.

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