Blue Plastic Berg

I thought that this Berg chisel was interesting and unusual. It’s the only Berg chisel I’ve ever seen with a blue plastic handle. It’s a smallish, square-sided, tanged firmer chisel.

Blue Berg 600px a1

Blue Berg 600px a2


This photo shows that the blade fits precisely into the plastic handle. There is nothing stamped on the front of the blade. The  back of the blade has an older version of the Berg logo stamped on it, based on the older shark design seen under the text.

Blue Berg 600px a3


Here is a closer look at the Berg blade stamp. It reads “ERIK ANTON BERG” | “ESKILSTUNA” | “SWEDEN”.

Blue Berg 600px a4


The blue plastic handle is made from cellulose acetate or cellulose acetate butyrate. It looks quite pretty in the light.

Blue Berg 600px a5


The blade tang goes a bit more than half way up the inside of the chisel handle. The handle appears to have an interior channel that goes almost to the top of the handle.

Blue Berg 600px a6


I don’t know if this blue plastic handle is a Berg handle. It is certainly a precision fit and appears to have been factory applied. However, I have never seen this type of handle in a Berg catalog or on another Berg chisel. If I see another example I’ll feel more comfortable saying that Berg used this type of blue plastic handles.

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