Berg Unusual Markings

Below are some Berg chisels with seldom-seen or unusual blade markings.

The middle chisel in the photo below has what I call a “Flying D” on it. It was stamped only on the middle chisel — one of a set of five. I have no idea what it signifies, but I have seen it on a few other chisel blades.

Berg D Mark 550px1

Berg D Mark 550px3

Here is the same mark stamped on an Eskilstunasteel “Esteel” chisel. I’m starting to think that it looks like a flying saucer. 🙂

Esteel D Mark 550px1


The Berg chisel below has a Crown symbol and an “S.J.” imprinted on the back of its blade beside the typical Berg text and shark. I see this mark every so often on Swedish tools.  I have read that this mark has something to do with the Swedish Government, or the Swedish Military, or the Swedish Train System. I hope to be able to track down the correct information eventually.

Berg Crown SJ 550px1

Berg Crown SJ 550px2


The chisel below has a crossed razor and pliers imprinted on the front of the blade. This is the only Berg tool that I’ve seen with this imprint so far.

Berg Razor & Pliers 550px4

This is an earlier Berg chisel. The handle does not look original, although it may have been modified at some point.

Berg Razor & Pliers 550px3

Here is the razor and pliers imprint on the front of the chisel.

Berg Razor & Pliers 550px1

Here is a closer look.

Berg Razor & Pliers 550px2

The Berg shark is an earlier variation, indicating that this is an older Berg chisel.

Berg Razor & Pliers 550px

3 comments on “Berg Unusual Markings
  1. Derek Eder says:

    The “three crowns” insignia is a government mark which is most often seen on tools sold to the military. “SJ” is almost certainly the national railway mark.

  2. John de Bes says:

    Any thoughts on a chisel with A E BERG ESKILSTUNA SWEDEN on the flat side and on the bevel side it has engraved a bird standing in water within a circle followed by “LA PERDIT” in inverted commas. I think the handle is not original. Any information would be appreciated

    • Birch says:

      I believe those chisels were made by Berg for sale in South America. “La Perdiz” is Spanish for “The Partridge”.

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