Swedish Chisels in Argentina *New*

Carlos Dell Ungaro from Argentina sent me some photos and information on some Swedish hand tools that he owns. Thanks, Carlos.

First are two Berg gouges and a Berg firmer-style chisel. They look just like their counterparts in Scandinavia, Europe, and North America. However, they have additional markings that identify them as being made for Argentina.


This masur birch handle has the letters “RA”, enclosed in an oval, stamped on it. Carlos indicated that “RA” stands for “Republic Argentina”.


The back of this gouge also has the “RA” mark stamped on it.


Here are two sturdy looking Kronan chisels that Carlos owns.


The markings are the same as those seen on Kronan chisels elsewhere.


Although not a chisel, this CALO plane blade and chip breaker are worth mentioning. It was made in Eskilstuna, Sweden and is a brand name that I’ve never heard before. Note that both the blade and the chip breaker are stamped with “CALO” (enclosed in a rectangle), with “ESKILSTUNA” | “SWEDEN” stamped below.

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