Wibeco Chisels

Manufactured: Sweden

Manufacturer: Unknown

Date Manufactured: Unknown

Logo on Handle: “WIBECO” sitting on top of a large “W” (see below)

Here’s a a socket version of WIBECO chisel.





Trademark on Blade : “WIBECO” sitting on top of a large “W” (see below), then “SWEDEN” below.


There is also a tang version, as shown below.



2 comments on “Wibeco Chisels
  1. Randall Nelson says:

    I recently got 5 Wibeco chisels- the first I have ever seen for sale. They are all butt style tang chisels, and strangely, the 3 larger sizes have beech handles, while the smaller 2 have handles made from the harder birch. All of them have taken a beating from someone who was using them for doing real work, and without the benefit of knowing how to sharpen them properly. I’ll have to sharpen them up and see if they work better than they look!

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