Stockholm “DEJO” Chisels

I came across the Stockholm “DEJO” brand name a while back, but have had difficulty finding examples. I don’t know who made this brand and welcome any information that others can provide.

The handle is typical Swedish style and is made of birch.

Stockholm Chisel 600px c3

Stockholm Chisel 600px c4

The steel hoop at the top is pierced and held in place with 2 flush pins. The brass ferrule at the bottom is thin and rounded at the bottom with no knurling on the sides.

Stockholm Chisel 600px c2

The blade is stamped “STOCKHOLM” | “SWEDEN”. It also has a brand mark on it consisting of a circle with an arrow on it. Inside the circle are the letters “DEJO”, with the “J” being elongated.

Stockholm Chisel 600px e1

Here is an example of a plastic-handled Stockholm “DEJO” chisel.

Stockholm Chisel 600px b2

Stockholm Chisel 600px b1

Here is another look at a Stockholm “DEJO” blade stamp, including the partial “DEJO” lettering inside the circle with an arrow on it.

Stockholm Chisel 600px b3

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