Stiletto Chisels

This was an unusual find — a chisel made by Jernbolaget of Eskilstuna, Sweden for Baker & Hamilton (Stiletto) in the USA.

The Stiletto Tool Company started out as Baker & Hamilton during the California Gold rush in 1849, when they began selling tools to gold miners out of a tent at the gold camp near Sacramento. They eventually became a large Western agricultural implement dealer and tool distributor.

They developed the distinctive Stiletto trademark shown below and placed it prominently on their tools.

stiletto logo

Through a series of changes and purchases Baker & Hamilton eventually became The Stiletto Tool Company which is currently located in Winton, California.

In 2007, Stiletto was bought by Milwaukee Electric Tools of Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Today, Stiletto’s specializes in titanium striking tools, including their popular lightweight titanium hammers.

This Stiletto chisel has a highly figured masur birch handle.

Stiletto Jern 11


This is the imprint on the front of the blade — “SWEDEN”, plus the trademark for Jernbolaget from Eskilstuna, Sweden.

Stiletto Jern 12


Stiletto Jern 13


Here is the very distinctive “STILETTO” imprint and double arrow insignia stamped on the back of the chisel.

Stiletto Jern 14


Here is some additional information on Baker and Hamilton/The Stiletto Tool Company.

  • 1849 – Baker and Hamilton began selling tools to gold miners in a tent store near Sacramento, California
  • 1851 – Baker and Hamilton opened their first permanent location in “Old Town” Sacramento.
  • 1887 – Baker and Hamilton expanded their Sacramento store and warehouse to a full city block
  • 1893 – Baker and Hamilton Company took over the farm implement business from Warren & Sons in Sacramento
  • 1906 – Baker and Hamilton’s brand new building was completely destroyed in the Big San Francisco Earthquake
  • 1974 – Baker and Hamilton closed their doors permanently and all inventory was sold to California Hardware
  • 1997 – Renegade Hammer Co. owner Mark Martinez acquires the Stiletto Trademark and production rights
  • 1998 – Martinez invents worlds first solid Titanium framing hammer
  • 1999 – First “Stiletto” branded Titanium hammer is manufactured and sold out of Atwater, Ca.
  • 2007 – Stiletto is purchased by Milwaukee Electric Tools in Brookfield, WI

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