Ståhlberg, L.F. & Co. – History

Fellow hand tool enthusiast Dennis M brought my attention to a photo with a crown, arm and hammer imprint on it. The imprint was used by an Eskilstuna cutlery-making company named L.F. Ståhlberg & Co. This was very useful, since I had seen chisels with this crown, arm and hammer imprint on them and was interested in finding out who made them.

Stahlberg Logo 550px a1

Here is an example of a Ståhlberg chisel blade stamp.

Crown Arm & Hammer 600px a3

This company was founded by L.F. Ståhlberg in 1836. They made fine cutlery and flatware (knives, forks, etc.).  They made good quality products, were successful, and grew to around 95 employees by 1895.

The company was incorporated in 1902 as AB L.F. Ståhlberg & Co. They operated under that name until some time between 1912 and 1915 when they were bought out by Eskilstuna Jernmanufactur AB (Jernbolaget) who was likely their largest competitor in Eskilstuna.

The company was located near the Tunafors bridge on Gillbergavägen Street in the Västermalmsgallerian neighbourhood. This would have been fairly close to the Jernbolaget factory which was also located in the Tunafors area.

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  1. Alan Coates says:

    Hi, Have just got a set of 9 chisels of which 5 have an oval paper sticker Jernbolaget Eskiistuna Sweden with Anchor with a crown on top and the letter E. Now on the blade it has Suicide Brand Sweden and the symbol of the anchor etc. Noticed that they are not on your list. The others have Jernbolaget etc on the blade

    Is this common or unusual?

    Cheers Alan

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