S.T.C. Chisels

I have only seen one example of the S.T.C brand. I don’t know who manufactured it or what the initials “S.T.C.” stand for. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who does know.

This chisel has a beech handle that is not a typical Swedish style.

STC Chisel 600px b3

STC Chisel 600px b4

The ferrule is thin steel. It’s rounded at the bottom and has no knurling on the sides.

STC Chisel 600px b2

The blade stamp reads “S.T.C.” | “MADE IN SWEDEN”.

STC Chisel 600px b1

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  1. Randall Nelson says:

    Always something new and different in the Forum! My first guess is that it is an “early” production tool, and the STC stands for Solliden Tool Company, or Svea Tool Company, or something similar. This may have been their original foray into the market and they did not have an official logo design worked out yet, or just did not feel ready to dish out enough to have an engraver make a more elaborate stamp. The handle is pretty low cost, also- another indication that they were still testing the waters, market-wise. Many US companies have just used their initials on their tool stamps- the first that comes to mind is PS&W, which stands for Peck, Stowe and Wilcox, later shortened to Pexto, an early competitor of the Stanley Rule and Level Company. But, as to who actually made this tool, only more of them, with decals on the handle, would provide any real clues, unless you could find some actual company records that said they were stamping their tools STC. I’m sure that finding such info, for any of these non-descript companies, is a fantasy/daydream has come to us all at some point, but I’m afraid that is all that it will ever be. You won’t even find that kind of specific production info in any of the existing company catalogs! This will probably end up as another Swedish “unknown soldier” tool. Good find, Glen!

    • Birch says:

      Heck, S.T.C. might even stand for “Swedish Tool Company”. 🙂

      The beech handle on this one is definitely economy-style, but the steel is very nice — typical of high-quality Swedish steel.

      I agree that this brand will join the growing ranks of Swedish chisels with unknown manufacturers and history, at least for the time being.

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