Mico Chisels

These Mico brand chisels belong to Mike Turnidge from Quebec, Canada. They are the first examples that I have seen of this brand so far. Thank you for the heads up and the photos, Mike.

These socket-style chisels are of typical Swedish design. They have nice-looking birch handles with blued steel hoops at the top. The chisel blades are fairly short and they have rounded lips at the top of their sockets.

The steel hoops are held in place by nails pounded in above their tops. These nails may have been added after the fact and  they look like they could be very hard on the hands.

The chisel labels are square waterslide-style decals with red text and outlines on a gold flake background. The text reads “Mico”at the center of the label, with “SWEDEN” appearing below.

The front of the chisel blades do not have anything stamped on them.

The back of the blade is stamped with “Mico” | “ESKILSTUNA” | SWEDEN”.