Mibro Chisels

These nice-looking Mibro beveled socket chisels appear to be well made. Not that the sockets do not have the thick, flat lip at the end normally associated with E.A. Berg and Jernbolaget chisels. They are smooth and rounded — more like TecoMaster, Beaver, etc., chisels. I have not seen a tanged Mibro so far.

The front of the chisel blades do not have any imprint on them such as chisel width or a logo.

Mibro Chisel 600px a4


The back of the chisels reveals blade stamps and a decal.

Mibro Chisel 600px a1


The masur birch handle on the left chisel is a replacement from an E.A. Berg chisel. The handle on the right appears to be plain birch and has a decal on it. I do not know if it is an original Mibro handle, but it is interesting.

Mibro Chisel 600px a3


Here’s a close-up of the decal. It’s and oval with a rather plain-looking tree inside it. The words “MADE IN” appears above the tree and the word “SWEDEN” appears below the tree.

Mibro Chisel 600px a5


The back of both blades is stamped with “MIBRO” enclosed in a diamond. Below that is the word “ESKILSTUNA”.

Mibro Chisel 600px a2


Many thanks to Dennis M for bringing these chisels to my attention.

One comment on “Mibro Chisels
  1. Ray S says:

    From my memory, Mibro was a cheaper import brand. A couple of fleamarket Mibro chisel finds I picked up were made in Germany. They were marked Mibro and Germany.

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