Handy Chisels

It’s a big hand because it’s … Handy.

Handy Chisels 600px a4


As the bottom of the label indicates, this chisel was made in “ESKILSTUNA SWEDEN”.  You can see the nice flecks in the beech handle in the above photo.

The steel hoop on the top of the handle is dimpled, not pinned. The blade is tanged and beveled. I have not seen a “Handy” socket chisel yest, but I have seen a photo of a socket handle (no chisel) with a Handy decal on it — so perhaps they are out there.

Handy Chisels 600px a1


The stamp at the top of the blade shows blade width and reads “25 MM”. There is no mention of inches. The brass ferrule at the bottom of the handle has two rows of medium vertical knurling.

Handy Chisels 600px a8


The back of the chisel and blade is unremarkable.

Handy Chisels 600px a2


The stamp on the back of the blade reads “HANDY” “MADE IN SWEDEN”.

Handy Chisels 600px a3


I have seen one other variation on the Handy blade stamp so far. In this instance, “HANDY” “MADE IN SWEDEN” appears on the front of the blade rather than the back.

Handy Chisels 600px a7


This is the chisel that the above blade stamp appears on.

Handy Chisels 600px a5


There is nothing visible stamped on the back of the blade.

Handy Chisels 600px a6


I have seen a few Handy chisels. They have appeared in different places including Sweden, Australia, and the U.S.

2 comments on “Handy Chisels
  1. RussS says:


    I’ve seen a ‘Handy’ plane in the original box with a label that reads ‘Handy’ and ‘Eskilstunasteel’.

  2. Roxanne says:

    I purchased a nice set of Handy chisels in original box a few weeks ago!

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