Golden Tree Chisels

Russ S. brought this Swedish chisel to my attention a while back. I’ve been looking for more examples of this brand, but have had no luck so far. They seem to be fairly scarce.

The example below (top chisel) is tanged and bevel-edged. The beech handle has a bright transfer style decal on it. The black enameled steel hoop on the top is dimpled and the brass ferrule at the bottom has medium vertical knurlings.

Golden Tree 550px2

Golden Tree 550px1

The oval label has a gold and red background with reversed red and gold lettering. The top band of lettering reads “GOLDEN TREE BRAND”, the lettering in the middle reads “Best Quality Steel”, and the bottom band of lettering reads “MADE SWEDEN”.

The symbol in the middle appears to be a tall brazier on a stand with flames coming from it rather than a tree.

Golden Tree 550px3




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