FRINAB Chisels

This is another obscure chisel brand. The only label I’ve seen was on a chisel in Australia. I’ve been unable to find good photos of actual FRINAB chisels themselves.

FRINAB was a brand sold by Frick and Nilsson AB of Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden. They appear to be an exporter of Swedish tools, particularly steel ones. The FRINAB name was derived from the company name.

I spotted this label on a photo showing a batch of Swedish chisels. I had never seen this label before so I did some research and tracked it down.

FRINAB Chisels 550px1


The label reads: “FRICK & NILSSON AB  /  FRINAB  /  <unreadable>

FRINAB Chisels 550px2


One comment on “FRINAB Chisels
  1. Randall Nelson says:

    I believe the two bottom words on that label are Gothenberg, Sweden. I saw that same chisel, but I wasn’t willing to buy the whole group and then have to pay the shipping from Australia just so I could get that tool! I’m still looking for another, hopefully with the sticker.

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