Fish and Diamond Chisels

I have only seen one example of this brand of Swedish tanged, bevel-edged chisel so far.

It has a beech handle with no label, a dimpled black enameled steel hoop on the top, and a brass ferrule with medium vertical knurlings. From it’s overall appearance, I would guess that it was made in the 1950s.

Fish & Diamond 550px1

Fish & Diamond 550px2

The logo makes me grin a little, probably because of the rather odd pairing of a fish and a diamond. The fact that the logo appears twice on the back of the blade is a bonus. The fish may have been an attempt to leverage off the recognition and popularity of the Berg shark. The back of the blade is also stamped “MADE IN SWEDEN”.

Fish & Diamond 550px3

The front of the blade is marked only in inches — in this case 5/8″.

Fish & Diamond 550px4


One comment on “Fish and Diamond Chisels
  1. Phil says:

    That looks like the original fish brand I still have a set of fish chisels with the red plastic handles I bought them over 50 years ago and I still use them they are great chisels

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