Deer Head Chisels

Here is an seldom-seen brand of Swedish tanged, bevel-edged chisels. My thanks to Russ S. for bringing them to my attention.

These chisels have birch handles and enameled black dimpled steel hoops. One chisel has a plain brass ferrule with no knurling. Deer Head 550px1

Deer Head 550px2

The decal on the handle is diamond-shaped with curved corners and a red background. The Deer Head log appears in the centre with “DEER” on the left, “HEAD” on the right, and SWEDEN” below.

Deer Head 550px6

There are no markings or stamps on the front of the blades, but the backs have imprints. Both blades are stamped “MADE IN SWEDEN”. The wider blade appears to have an partial imprint of the deer head that appears on the handle decal. Both blades are rather crudely stamped with their widths in inches — in this case 1/4″ and 5/8″.

Deer Head 550px3

2 comments on “Deer Head Chisels
  1. Randall Nelson says:

    It is so close to the Buck Brothers “deer head” stamp, I wonder how they managed to avoid a law suit? Maybe they didn’t, and that’s why you have never seen any other examples of this brand!

  2. Birch says:

    I never thought of that until you mentioned it. That deer head on the chisel decal really does look like the Buck Brothers trademark image.

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