Bushman Chisels – Finland

These Bushman beveled socket chisels are the first that I’ve seen. They are made in Finland and are very exacting copies of Berg and Jernbolaget chisels made in the 1940s and 1950s.

Bushman 600px a5

Bushman 600px a6


The handles are beautiful masur (curly) birch with steel hoops held in place by small pins driven into the wood. The top of the blade socket has the thick, squared-off edge typically associated with Berg, Jernbolaget, and other chisels manufactured in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

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A partial decal remains on one handle. It is a pale blue oval surrounded by a thin red oval. The text in the oval is what remains of the original “BUSHMAN” name.

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As with Berg chisels (circa the 1940s and 1950s), these chisels have text stamped into the birch handles. On one side it reads “BUSHMAN”.

Bushman 600px a3


The text on this side of the handle reads “MADE IN” | “FINLAND”.

Bushman 600px a1


The front of the blade of the wider chisel is also stamped “MADE IN” | “FINLAND”. Perhaps the smaller chisel was a bit too narrow to be stamped.

Bushman 600px a2


This is interesting. The back of the blade is stamped “1026”. This is the same model number used by E.A. Berg and Jernbolaget to identify this style of socket firmer (or cabinet) chisel. The wider chisel has a “BUSHMAN” imprint and both have stamps showing the chisel width in inches — 1/2″ and 3/8″ from top to bottom.

Bushman 600px a4


These Bushman chisels are very good quality (both the wood and the steel). They were a fun and interesting find,

One comment on “Bushman Chisels – Finland
  1. KIM Malmberg says:

    I have one Bushman socket mortise chisel myself. It is stamped on the handle but the makers names Sorsakoski is also engraved to the side. I agree that these look very Swedish and they are very odd if they were really made in Finland. These must have been made relatively late during a time when Hackman & Co were already making chisels with plastic handles. It is of course possible that Hackman bought parts from Sweden and assembled them in Finland.

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