B&N Chisel

This B&N chisel is the first I’ve seen of this brand. It’s a typical Swedish-style beveled and tanged bench chisel with a plan birch handle.

B&N Chisel 600px3


The hoop at the top of the chisel handle is missing and the ferrule on the bottom of the chisel appears to be smooth steel.

B&N Chisel 600px1


There is no visible stamp on the front of the blade. The back of the blade has “B&N” enclosed in a circle on it. To the left of this mark appears to be a stylized lion standing on it’s rear legs and touching the circle. Below this mark and the lion is a branch with leaves. The bottom of the mark reads “SKILSTUNA” | “SWEDEN” indicating that it was made in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

B&N Chisel 600px2


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