Berg More Chisel Labels #1

Every so often I find a new (to me) Berg chisel label. I’ve seen three new ones since I did my original Berg label post a while back, so it’s time for an update.

Just a quick note about the my naming convention for the labels. I’ve named the background color first and the color of the shark logo, lettering, and oval label outline last. The first and last descriptors are separated by a period. So a blue background with gold flake shark, lettering, and oval would be “Blue . Gold Flake”, or “B.GF” for short.

C.B – Clear . Black

I’ve only seen one of these labels. Thanks to Randall Nelson for pointing this one out.

Berg Label Clear Black


PB.B – Pale Blue . Black

I’ve seen two of these labels so far, both in poor condition. Here is the best example. Note that the pale blue background is very dirty.

Berg Pale Blue Black Label 600px


DT.Y(S) – Dark Teal . Yellow (Scroll)

This is an early Berg label made from embossed foil and paper. This is the only variation of Berg label that, to my knowledge, has a stylized scroll above the Berg shark. This label is scarce and interesting. You can find a separate and more detailed post about it here.

Berg Label with Scroll 600px

My thanks to Stephen G for sending me photos of this chisel and its label.

Note that I will add these three new labels to my original post here as well.






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