Berg Chisels – “3” Stamped on Blade

Dennis M has pointed out two examples of Berg chisels where the number “3” appears to have been used in place of the letter “S”. Thanks, Dennis.

This is an older Berg tang chisel as indicated by the older style “shark” stamp. As can be clearly seen, the first “S” in Eskilstuna has been replaced by a “3”.


This second example is also an older Berg tang chisel. Note the old “shark” design and  the home-made handle.


In this example, the second “S” in Eskilstuna appears to have been replaced by a “3”. However, it is not as well defined as the first example and I suppose that it is possible to argue that it may be a poorly formed “S”.


This appears to be a rare anomaly. If anyone has seen other examples, please let me know. You can find my e-mail address in the “Contact” area.


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