Berg Branding Iron

Here is an item that I have not seen in a Berg catalog yet — a branding iron with a Berg handle.



It has a nice plain birch handle with a blued steel hoop. The hoop is pierced and held in place with two small nails. The brass ferrule at the handle’s is knurled with two rows of fine diagonal lines leaning right.



The decal is one of my favourite Berg color combinations — gold on a green background. Nice. 🙂  Also, note the ridge on the top of the steel hoop. I believe that these hoops were stamped out of thin, flat steel stock.



A close look at the shaft on the branding iron reveals that it is made of copper or some sort of copper alloy. The bottom of the shaft appears to get very hot when the brand is heated.



Here is a better look at the birch wood grain in the handle. It is quite nice, but not a pretty as the masur (curly) birch handles.



Here’s another view of the handle showing the head of one of the small nails that holds the steel hoop in place.



The brand has a smooth rectangular base. At first glance, I thought it was made of iron but it is actually copper or a copper alloy.



You can see a hint of the copper on the face of the “J G” initials. I believe that the initials were cast in packed sand or some similar medium. They are rather rough around the edges, although their faces are finished smoothly. The base behind the letters is finished smoothly as well.



If anyone ever sees another branding iron with a Berg handle (real or advertised), please let me know.


One comment on “Berg Branding Iron
  1. Randall Nelson says:

    I think that this is just a “marriage”, someone put this chisel handle on the branding iron because it was handy- just like when you see rasps or files with a chisel handle. After all, what is the point of a reinforced chisel handle on a tool that will not be struck? Still, a very interesting find and it would be great to know who made the branding iron. Possibly a specialty item, for one of the workers in the factory.

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