1939 Berg Catalog

It took me over two years to track down and acquire this 1939 Berg Catalog. And in the end, it was just dumb luck that I got it.

Berg 1939 Catalog 473px b 1


The catalog is 21mm (8-5/16″) wide by 27mm (10-5/8″) long and contains 122 pages of information, most of which is on specific Berg products.

Berg 1939 Catalog 473px a 1


Berg 1939 Catalog 473px a 7


My main reason for wanting this catalog so much was that it is a Dealer-style catalog with comprehensive information in English on Berg’s very extensive product line in 1939. It is divided into four sections that include Carpenter’s Tools, Pliers, Shoemaker’s Tools, and Various Tools.

Berg 1939 Catalog 473px a 2


The catalog contains descriptive information on most items. This will help my research as it provides specific information on what distinguishes similar Berg items from each other.

Berg 1939 Catalog 473px a 6


Berg 1939 Catalog 473px a 3


Berg 1939 Catalog 473px a 4


Berg 1939 Catalog 473px a 5


This catalog should keep me busy for a while. The first projects that immediately come to mind are updating the Berg Chisels, Gouges, & Handles and Berg Plane Blades pages.

4 comments on “1939 Berg Catalog
  1. Cliff Tew says:

    Will you be selling copies of the E.A.Berg catalog after you scan it all in?

    • Birch says:

      I don’t think so. I do plan to post the 1939 Berg Catalog chisel, gouge, and plane blade information on galootopia at some point in the future.

      • David Bauerly says:

        I have some Berg chisels that I have not seen anywhere. They are in FINE condition but have no references to find out info. Can I send you pictures?
        I have some killer gouges, and scoops curved blades, and others, but finding sizes to fill out a set is impossible it seems.
        BTW, thanks for all the work on your research. It is hard to find the info I seek and I want to see that catalog with sizes and variations so bad!
        David Bauerly

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