ASAB (Adolf Ståhls) Chisels

Manufactured: Eskilstuna, Sweden

Manufacturer: Unknown, but made and branded for Adolf Ståhls AB.

Sold By: Adolph Ståhls AB. Thus, the use of the initials “Asab”

Date Manufactured: Unknown

Logos on Handle: Oval decal/transfer — Black oval surrounded by red with “Asab” written inside in cursive script.

Trademark on Blade: “Asab (in cursive) Eskilstuna (in print) surrounded by and oval with “Sweden” printed below the oval.

Below is set of Asab tanged butt-style chisels, all with “Asab” decals clearly showing. (The four chisels with the the square decals are Janport chisels.) The Asab chisels were made for Adolph Ståhls AB of Eskilstuna, Sweden by an unknown manufacturer. They were re-branded for Ståhls, who sold them as part of their line of retail hardware.






8 comments on “ASAB (Adolf Ståhls) Chisels
  1. Randall Nelson says:

    I have two brands you have not mentioned: Handy and Agersta. Agersta chisels look very similar to Solliden, but are always very roughly made, just forged with very little attempt at grinding or finishing, unlike most of the other companies. I have an idea that all of these different brands were being made by several competing companies, to be marketed by different large hardware or department stores, such as Woolworths, Walgreens and Sears. This would explain all these different brand names.

  2. Birch says:

    I do have Handy chisels on my list and am preparing material for a post on this brand. 🙂

    Agersta chisels are new to me and I would love to learn more about them and see photos of their labels and imprints.

    I’m starting to see a few links between chisel brands and chisel manufacturers and really need to sit down and carefully review and document this information.

  3. Randall Nelson says:

    I will be glad to take some pictures of some of my labels and stamps and send them to you. How would I attach pictures to post them to you? Also- just a thought, but have you ever seen a Gensco socket chisel, or a Solliden socket? Or even a long paring chisel? Every Solliden I have ever seen has been a tanged butt chisel. Also- I have a pretty good collection of Swedish gouge chisels, and most of them are Bergs, except for 2 Jernbolegets, which are very thick and clunky compared to the Bergs and a set of carving tools that say Sweden and an , possibly they are Stiletto but no Jernboleget stamp.

    • Birch says:

      I would really appreciate seeing those pictures of labels and stamps. I’d also like to send you some of the photos I have. I will contact you shortly about this to make arrangements.

      My experience with Solliden chisels matches yours exactly — tanged butt chisels. The Gensco chisels I’ve seen have all been tanged too, but I do have longer cabinet/paring style Gensco chisels.

      I have been keeping an eye on Swedish gouge chisels and lathe chisels recently, but have very little information on them so far.

  4. Randall Nelson says:

    Don’t know why the comment section blanked out my description of the stamp on the carving tools. What it looks like is Sweden and an “S” with an arrow head or horizontal “V” on both sides of the “S”. Possibly Stiletto, but they look more like they are 1960-1970 era art school type tools.

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