Beaver Chisels

Manufactured: Eskilstuna Municipality, Sweden (Not certain that Beaver chisels were manufactured in Eskilstuna City.)

Manufacturer: Unknown (Often attributed to E.A. Berg, but I have not seen documented proof)

Date Manufactured: Unknown

Logos on Handle: Oval decal/transfer. Two variants are known: Blue with a Gold Background, Blue with Silver Background

Blue with Gold Background. This label was on a Beaver socket-style chisel (see photo below this one).



Blue with silver Background. This label was on a Beaver tang-style chisel (see photo below this one).



Trademark on Blade :

The trademark simply stating “Sweden” typically appears on the blade of the the narrower Beaver chisels due to limited space.


Here’s a wider Beaver chisel blade blade with “Eskilstuna — Made in Sweden” stamped into it.


Beaver chisels are commonly found in Canada. (The Beaver logo is certainly well accepted in the Canadian market). I don’t know which Canadian retail outlets carried them. Frequently, the chisels can be found in boxed sets such as the one shown below.



Other Information:

The Beaver chisels appear to be identical in many ways to the TecoMaster chisels which were sold in Canada by the T. Eaton Company (the TECo” in TecoMaster). Although the logo on the handle is different, Tecomaster chisels look very similar and have the same “Eskilstuna — Made in Sweden” trademarks stamped on their blades. When magnified and compared, the Beaver marking and the TecoMaster markings appear to have been stamped with an identical die. I used sample chisels that I have on hand to confirm this and feel certain both brands of chisels were stamped in the same factory by the same die. This strongly suggests that they were both made by the same manufacturer. (See the Tecomaster Chisels post for more information).

There was another “Beaver”chisel that came from the Eskilstuna area in Sweden — the Kronan Beaver. (See the Kronan Chisels post for more information).

Early in 2013 I bought 4 Beaver socket chisels on eBay to add them to my set of Swedish user chisels (Jernbolagets, Bergs, and Beavers). I was momentarily excited when I found one Beaver chisel had a E.A. Berg stamp on the blade. Then I had to remind myself that socket handles migrate with ease from one blade to another and that this was not proof that Berg made the Beavers. (I have also found Kronan and Jernbolaget chisels blades with Berg handles, plus many Bergs with a variety of replacement handles). If it had been a tang-style chisel with a tight fitting Beaver handle and a Berg blade, I might have thought that this supported the idea that Berg made the Beaver chisels better.

8 comments on “Beaver Chisels
  1. Randall Nelson says:

    Glen: You might just want to add another to your “beaver” list- Castor. The picture of the beaver is identical, but the label is in gold and red and the lettering in Spanish. Another variation for another market area.

  2. Graham Whitehead says:

    I am still confused about the ‘Beaver’ brand. I have the identical set as pictured above.(in the box). The labels are the same. They are almost perfect in condition. Most unstruck and even the labels are perfect. On the flat side of the six largest chisels, near the handle, it reads: Eskilstuna Made In Sweden. On the two smallest chisels it simply reads: 3/8″ Sweden and 1/4″ Sweden. I am still not sure what I have here. Help appreciated

    • Birch says:

      Nice. Every Beaver brand chisel I have seen so far was well made with a good quality steel blade. Enjoy your beautiful boxed set. 🙂

  3. je possede le cofret complet si cela.

    interesse je voudrai connaitre le prix

    en euros

    • Birch says:


      Cela dépendra du nombre et de l’état des ciseaux à bois. Ils seront plus de valeur si dans une boîte d’origine.

      Je ne sais pas la valeur, mais quand je recherche de prix, je regarde sur,, et



      This will depend on the number and condition of chisels. They will be more valuable if in the original box.

      I do not know the value, but when I search for prices, I look on, and

  4. pain.christian says:


  5. Woodcanuck says:

    Swedish chisels labelled with Tecomaster were sold by the T.Eaton company, the major department store chain in Canada not unlike Sears Roebuck in the USA. Although I cannot verify the following I suspect that the Beaver Swedish chisels were a house brand of the Beaver Lumber Company, the dominant building supply company in Canada during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

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